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When thinking of building a new structure think Post Frame, the building of the future.

Master Steel Roofing – Buildings created an experience for customers by designing the Create Your Custom Building page. This gives you, the customer, the opportunity to create and cost out the building of your dreams.

All our post frame kits are made from premium-grade lumber, code-compliant wood trusses, and 29 gauge high tensile metal roofing and siding with many colors to choose from. All kits will come to your build site with all the materials from the post footers, to sliding door hardware, and to the last piece of trim needed to complete the building.  


MSR was founded in 1998, and has been serving the public providing roofing and construction with quality materials and workmanship from our well trained staff. We will serve the customer from the planning stage all the way to the customer satisfied end product.


MSR is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality product at competitive prices that are truly designed to COVER YOUR INVESTMENT FOR A LIFETIME. We are dedicated most of all to customer satisfaction and lasting relationships with our customers

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What is a Post Frame Building?

Post Frame Buildings, also known as Pole Barns, are built with either large pressure treated posts or laminated posts in place of using concrete, wood studs, or steel to anchor the building to the ground for a solid foundation.

Post Frame Buildings evolved to become the building of the future for many reasons. They are durable, versatile, sustainable, and more cost effective than conventional buildings. For example, they can save you cost on your building project by using less material and labor while still getting you the end product you are looking for.

Post Frame Buildings can be built to be more energy efficient than your standard build, due to having less wood in sidewalls, creating thermal breaks. This creates large cavities in the sidewalls to hold more insulation than stud framed walls.

Post Frame Building options are almost endless. They range from Post Frame Homes, Cabins, Horse Barns, and Agriculture Buildings. They are also popular in Commercial Buildings, Utility & Storage Buildings, Mini Storage & Garages.