NO. 4 Roof Jack


3″ to 6” metal roof pipe flashing

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  • Manufactured from EPDM or silicone rubber, ROOFJACK is compounded for maximum resistance to ozone, UV light, & extreme temperatures.
  • Flexible aluminum base will allow the flashing to conform to any metal roof configuration. Pipe location can be centered in the flat of the panel or the rib. Urethane sealant & self-drilling screws complete the installation
  • ROOFJACK are well-marked so they can easily be cut with shears to fit exactly the pipe size used.
  • ROOFJACK are available in Black or Gray EPDM as well as Red or Gray high temperature Silicone.
  • High Temperature Silicone is Now Available in Gray

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 9 in